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Key Programs to Help Your Company Grow

Search Optimization

Your business needs more than just a website. Since 72% of people who do a local search visit a business within five miles, it’s vital your company is getting found online.

Website Management

Maybe you’re frustrated with having to update your website or discovered that people aren’t finding what they need. Is your site helpful and easy to navigate?

Lead Generation

How do you get people to walk through the door, make a phone call, or buy online? More importantly, how do you know you’ve made a sale as a result of your advertising efforts?

Online Advertising

There are many options for advertising online and change as buying habits change. Strategies that worked well last year may not be the best option now.

After a year and half of Shane continuously calling on us, we finally decided to give Xcellent Digital a try to increase our leads through digital marketing and WOW were we surprised. We were hesitant because we are a small independent dealership on an allocated budget to spend which was all spent on print ads for our marketing. We took the advice of her and her team to do a PPC and Facebook campaign and I happily say it was the best decision we could have made. In the first 6 days of the online ads being launched we had received 40 leads and it continues to grow. There is no maintenance from us, we simply write a check weekly and let Xcellent Digital do all the work. I highly recommend anyone that is hesitant of trying it to take this testimonial to heart it is a fact.

Donald EllisonFirst Quality Auto Sales

Xcellent Digital has had a HUGE impact on our business. We’ve tried all the big-name agencies and services and none of them compare to the marketing services of Xcellent Digital and their team. They make the phone ring.

General ManagerAuto Dealership

I wanted to take a moment to say that I am extremely pleased with the service and sales that I have gotten from Xcellent Digital. I was very hesitant to try another online company because so many have made promises and did not deliver but they have always been readily available if I needed anything and most importantly they are bringing me more business. I have definitely seen an increase in leads since I started with them a year ago. Shane is fantastic and so is the rest of the team. I highly recommend them.

Mark Rumley, President Rumley Trailers

Xcellent Customer Service from a Team of Problem Solvers

Not sure if Xcellent Digital is right for your business? Ask any of our clients what they think of us and our services for a truly impartial view.

How We Help You Grow Your Bottom Line

Online marketing to bring you traffic

If your business isn’t generating enough revenue, the issue may not be your products, your sales team, your location, or the economy; the issue might be your online marketing. Is your website coming up in searches in your area? Does your site utilize key elements to turn a visitor into a customer? Are your digital ads meaningful and converting? Does your YouTube channel have relevant and informative videos? Has a subject matter expert written quality, unique content for your site?

The team at Xcellent Digital can give your online marketing a thorough evaluation. We’ll run your online presence through our review process and report back to you what needs to be fixed. We have authority in every aspect of digital marketing. We’ll tell you if your online marketing is turning visitors into conversions or if it is in critical need of redirection.

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Website Management

It all starts with your website

If you are like most companies, someone is handling your website and online marketing, but you aren’t really sure if they are doing a great job. Questions to most online marketing companies are answered…

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Expert SEO

Get more website visitors

Your business needs more than just a website. When 72% of consumers who do a local search visit a store within five miles of their current location, it’s vital your business is getting found online.

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Facebook Advertising

Ads that reach consumers

The biggest benefit of using Facebook ads is hyper-targeting. What does that mean? It means that we can decide exactly who sees your digital ads by setting criteria such as buying habits, what their…

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Reputation Program

Manage your online reputation

Your business is one click away from having a damaging reputation online. It doesn’t matter how great your inventory is, how well trained your staff is, or how thorough your follow-up process is…

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Local Search

Get found by local consumers

If you want to get the attention of everyone shopping in your area then you want local search optimization. Local SEO is extremely important to businesses because it finds customers in your market who are…

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Target mobile users around you

What if you could target your competition’s audience with mobile ads using more than just the name of a city, a town or a suburb? What if you could look at a map and draw a circle around the exact…

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Pay Per Click

Convert visitors into customers

Pay per click advertising, or more specifically Google AdWords, is the grandfather of online marketing. Adwords is an awesome way to get hot prospects and increase sales. Over the years the cost has…

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Website Design

Designed to convert

There are a few well-known turn-key website design platforms that use pre-built templates and drag-and-drop content systems that make building a website fairly easy. If only designing…

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Lead Generation

Get more leads and grow your sales

How do you get customers to walk through the door, make a phone call, or buy online? More importantly, how do you know you’ve made a sale as a result of your advertising efforts? Xcellent Digital knows…

Case Studies

Real Numbers Showing Real Results

Great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the key ingredient that drives traffic to your website. In order to impress people searching for your product or service, you’ll need to impress Google first. When 81% of shoppers conduct online research before making a big purchase, it’s imperative that your website ranks high in Google’s search results and leads customers directly to your business. Ensure that your potential customers find you and not your competitors.

One client saw the results from organic search traffic within a few weeks. Not only did their website traffic increase, as shown in the chart below, but incoming phone calls to their business, too.

Yes! Help Me Navigate My Digital Marketing.